Long Term Care

Did you know 1 in every 2 people will need Long Term Care during their life.  Many people believe that Medicare pays for it. Unfortunately, it does not.  The average cost of a nursing home in the United States is over $7000 a day. That is almost $90,000 a year. That can eat up your life’s savings rapidly. In order to protect your nest egg and keep the burden of care limited to family members it’s important to plan ahead for unexpected health issues that can arise.

New and improved  Long Term Care strategies are available to help offset your cost and keep caretakers from the stress of caring for a loved one. 

We are living longer than ever. That is the GOOD news and the not so GOOD news. With longevity comes a higher incidence of need for help with activities of daily living. Strategies For Retirement has several different approaches that can help you preserve  your bank account while addressing these needs.

The younger you are when seeking to get Long Term Care the greater your options. That’s not to say you can’t get it for people of various ages. But the sooner, the better.  Having Long Term Care in place long before you may need it is the best approach. Either way, if you are planning way ahead or not we can help you set everything in place. Contact us so we can address your unique situation.

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